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Moon Reading

Your eerie Moon forecast for today

I’ve got something special for you today. It’s more influential than your star sign and contains the most precise and accurate guidance system you’ll ever get.

I’m talking about your Moon Sign and Moon Phase!

Yes — the sign and phase of the moon at the exact moment of your birth reveals more about you than you could possibly imagine.

Together they influence your strengths and passions…and reveal your potential for abundance, love and prosperity.

Were you born on an Aries Full Moon? Or was it a Libra Waning Gibbous? And what does it all mean?

Moon Reading

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I was born under a Pisces Full Moon, and it was eye opening to discover how that led me on the journey I have taken so far — and what it means for my future.

If you’d like to understand how the Moon shapes your very existence…

Then you must find out what your Moon Sign & Moon Phase say about you.

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