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The Strange Text That Makes A Man Shake With Obsession?

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

Sarah’s phone buzzed on her coffee table… and it was from him.

Her hands shook as she picked up her phone to read what he had just sent… and her world flipped upside down.

“I’m breaking up with you,” it read.

She dropped her phone on the table and its screen shattered. Her mind raced with reasons why he would leave her… why he would just give up so easily…

Was it because of the new girl at the office? Have I not treated him right?

Is he sick of me? Am I not pretty enough for him anymore?

No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t fight back her tears… that is…

Until she remembered the magical text message that her friend taught her…

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The text message that would change his mind about breaking up with her…

The strange, simple text that would cause his heart to burn with an intoxicating desire every time he thought about her…

Keep reading this letter and I promise that what you’ll learn in the next four and a half minutes will change your life forever.

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

My name is Amy North, and I’m going to reveal to you the shocking ending to Sarah’s story…

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

And I’m going to reveal a secret text message you can send to a man forget about every other woman and focus all of his attention, love, and desire on you and only you…


And to make him worship you, fantasize about you, and obsess over you as if you were the last woman on earth.

The moment you use this text on a man, you will make his heart pound with hunger and excitement… As if you had put a hypnotic “love spell” on him.

So if you’re sick and tired of him ignoring your text messages and pulling away, then keep reading…

Because this one little text holds the key to make ANY man feel an everlasting love for you and only you… forever.

This sounds unbelievable I know… but it has worked shockingly well for the hundreds of women I’ve shared this kind of text message with.

Women like Rachael who used them on her ex boyfriend after he suddenly and unexpectedly dumped her… As soon as her ex read this message, he immediately realized his mistake, told her how much he missed her, and BEGGED her to take him back.

Or my friend Samantha who used it on the new cute guy at the gym… once he read that magical text, he immediately asked her out on a date and they’ve been infatuated with each other ever since.

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

Or Alexa, who used this strange text message on her cold and distant husband… and practically made him obsess over her again overnight, promising to love her through thick and thin.

These magical texts work even if you don’t think you’re naturally beautiful, intelligent, or charming… because these messages are like discovering a magical dictionary of obsession…

…Where every word, phrase, and sentence will make his entire body shake with incredible love and infatuation for as long as you desire…

Want proof?

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Just read this story about my friend Sarah, and I promise that you will be shocked by what happens to at the end…


The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

“I want to be with you forever and always,” he whispered into Sarah’s ear.

Her heart fluttered, her eyes widened, and her palms began to sweat…

Could it really be? she thought.

Could I really be…the one for him?

Sarah’s entire life was filled with heartbreak and disappointment. That is, until she met her soulmate.

His name was Mark, and he was perfect.

He was tall, charming, and incredibly successful… every month he would whisk her away to some exotic Caribbean island or quaint European town. She couldn’t believe how magical their lives were… and she couldn’t help but giggle with glee every time he crossed her mind…

Her best friend Jen even jokingly said, “If I could transplant my soul into your body, I’m sorry to say, but I probably would.”

Nothing in her life could have been more perfect… that is, until SHE showed up.

The stunning new intern at Mark’s office… She was 7 years younger than Sarah, she was thin, and had that kind of youthful flirtiness that most men go crazy for.

At first, Sarah wasn’t worried because Mark was always intensely loyal… But this time, the whole situation just felt… different.

And as time wore on, Sarah began noticing something deeply strange and disturbing with Mark and the intern… She noticed that they began spending more and more time together at the office…

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

They’d always text each other late at night about work… But Sarah kept telling herself that “work was work” and tried not to think anything of it…

Until her friend Jen told her something that made her mind race…

“Please don’t freak out,” Jen said, “but I think I saw Mark and that new intern…together…holding hands at the park last night. But I’m not 100% sure…”

The moment those words came out of Jen’s mouth, Sarah’s heart crashed to the floor…

Was it true? Her heart began to pound wildly. It felt like all her deepest fears were coming true…

She knew she had to confront Mark but the moment she did, he snapped…

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

“Of course I’m not into her! I love you. Not her.”

But after that, things just didn’t feel the same.

Was he telling the truth? she thought to herself.

She spent sleepless nights staring at the ceiling, wondering if Mark could really hurt her like that. Every single time Mark’s phone buzzed, she felt a burst of anxiety flow through her…

Why is she texting him so late at night? Why is she always texting him…?


The more she brought up the issue with him, the colder and more distant Mark became…

And after a few weeks of unbearable anxiety… Sarah discovered something that made her want to laugh and cry at the same time…

Jen was WRONG about Mark and the intern. It turns out that she had confused them with a couple down the street that looked almost exactly like them…

But the damage was already done… and Mark was increasingly distant and preoccupied…

And – most disturbingly – he wasn’t texting her back as quickly as he used to… Sometimes waiting for hours where he used to always get back to her in seconds or minutes.

The uncertainty of waiting left a knot in her stomach. She didn’t know if he was mad at her… Or if he just couldn’t be bothered anymore…

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

She was a mess of anxiety and started constantly worrying about when he was going to leave her…

Until, one day, a few weeks later… It finally happened.

Sarah got that fateful message from Mark telling her it was over… Which caused her to drop her phone…

It was as if the bottom had dropped out of her life.

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

Her vision blurred as the tears streamed down her cheeks… and she felt her knees weaken and stomach lurch… leaving her to doubt whether she’d ever find someone to love her the way Mark did.

And as she sat there, feeling more alone than she had in her life… Staring blankly at her broken phone… She remembered the weird type of text message her friend had told her about… the one that claimed to make any man feel a deep burning obsession for whoever sent it…

She’d thought it was ridiculous at the time… But typed it in and sent it off anyway, with no real expectation that she’d ever hear back from him…

And almost immediately… he messaged her that one word:



And as she stared at that one word, wondering how she should respond, the phone started ringing in her hands… It was him…

It was weird to see his name came up like that… He NEVER called her…

When she answered, she’d barely said ‘hello’ when he blurted out: “Sarah, I need to see you. Can we please talk?”

She agreed to let him come over… And that whole night… Mark BEGGED Sarah for forgiveness… For ever thinking about leaving her… And for ever thinking that his life could be complete without her.

The text had reminded him of everything good they had together… And had filled him with a desperate fear that he’d never find a match like her again.

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

Finally, he said the words she’d been waiting to hear for months: “I’m in love with you… and I’m never, ever leaving you no matter what.”

“I’m in love with you… and I’m never, ever leaving you no matter what.”

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

So who was this mysterious friend that told Sarah about the most influential text messages ever? Well… drum roll pleeeeease…. It was me! Amy North! *WINK*

For over 10 years, I’ve been studying the science of love and attraction and I’ve learned how simple words can make any man melt with purest form of desire for you…

To infiltrate his mind with thoughts of romance and desire… And to make him love you unconditionally... Until he HAS to bend down on one knee and give himself — completely — to you and only you.

So what is this text message and how does it work?

And how does it make your guy feel a special kind of obsession for you that only 1% of women ever experience?

In order for you to understand how it works, you need to know just three simple facts:


The key to making a man fall and STAY in love is his ATTENTION.

When you truly capture a man’s attention, he can’t stop thinking about you… That means when you’re with him, his mind is practically glued to you…When he looks at you, he will feel like he is bathing in warm sunlight.

And when you’re apart…He’s constantly thinking about where you are, what you’re doing, and what you’re thinking. 

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

I’m SURE you’ve experienced something similar when you’re in love with a man. When you’re in a room with him, no matter how many other people are around… Your brain is constantly tracking where he is and who he’s talking to. When you’re not with him, you begin wondering where he is and what he’s doing… and you’re secretly hoping that he’s thinking of you too.

Now – most people think that our brains become fixated on a person because we’re infatuated with them. But the OPPOSITE is also true…

The more you THINK about someone…The more ATTENTION you pay to them…And the more “in love” and infatuated you become with them.

So once you learn how to occupy a man’s attention and get him to think about you uncontrollably, you will have complete control over him in a way you never thought possible.


There are certain PSYCHOLOGICAL TRIGGERS which GRAB a man’s attention…

For example… things like curiosity, cliffhangers, and incomplete information are tools that make a man crave to know more…

These are the same triggers Hollywood screenwriters use to draw an audience into their movies and force them to pay attention for hours at a time.

These psychological triggers, which I call ATTENTION HOOKS are extremely powerful… Because they tap directly into the focus system of a man’s brain…

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

And force him to wonder about you… to think about you… and to pay attention to you… whether you’re right in front of him… or you’re miles away.

(And here’s a hint: I’ve even embedded several of these “ATTENTION HOOKS” into this very article to keep you reading)… all this leads me to…


You Can Use These Hooks to Capture A Man’s Attention

And force him to pay his full attention to you… Which in turn creates desperate feelings of love, infatuation, and obsession for you. 

All of a sudden, he won’t be able to control his sudden urge to fantasize about you all day long. And he’ll find his own reasons to see you, hold you, and kiss you like you’ve never been kissed before.

This creates a “positive feedback loop” that causes his mind to constantly wonder about what you think of him, when you’ll respond to him, and when he’ll get to see you next….


This, ladies, is what you call genuine “OBSESSION!”

And as soon as you understand these three simple facts and use my simple text message system, don’t be surprised if handsome men begin calling you, texting you, and asking you out on more dates…

Don’t be shocked if your ex comes crawling over fiery coals just to have another chance with you…

And don’t be amazed when the man you’re currently with — despite his coldness, indifference, and stubborn unwillingness to commit — calls you out of the blue, tells you how much he loves you, and showers you with the kind of affection that you might’ve thought was just Hollywood fiction.

So now I know what you’re probably thinking…

How do I get started? How can I learn more about these magical text messages and use them to make ANY man stick to me like a cute puppy dog? 

Well, after teaching women to create and use text messages like this for the past 2 years… I’ve put together a complete guide for women on texting men Including hundreds of Attention Hooks to grab and hold his attention so he can’t stop thinking about you when you’re not around… Putting his love and obsession for you into overdrive so he’s 100% devoted to you.

I call this incredible new online program, “Text Chemistry.”

It’s helped thousands of women around the world find and keep the men of their dreams just by using their cell phones.

And it doesn’t even matter if you don’t look like Beyonce or Taylor Swift, if you aren’t as charming as Emma Watson, or if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s…. None of this matters because these text messages are based on the most advanced psychological science…

Once you start using these text messages, his emotions, feelings, and desires will literally be out of his control — he has to respond to you in a way that only a man can…


And he’ll experience a deadly cocktail of addictive love and desire for you in a way that will make your heart melt like ice cream.

By the way, Text Chemistry isn’t difficult to understand and apply… so you won’t be spending hours on end trying to figure out how to use this system. It’s so strangely easy to use that all you have to do is sit back… send the messages… and watch as a man’s mind, body, and soul reaches a point of complete obsession for you… forever and always.

Here’s a short preview of what you’ll learn…


Do men ignore your messages?

Learn how you can use my crazily effective technique that will make him text you back instantly and always… no matter what. You’ll never have to feel ignored or rejected again.


You’ll learn about my patented “E-Glow Text”

…Once you send a man these words, you’ll prevent his mind from ever wandering too far away from you… his brain will be hardwired to love you and adore you no matter the hardships you will face. (pg. 30)


Do you want your ex back?

Use my “Satellite Text” to instantly make him regret the breakup… and force him to fight for a second chance at love with you. You’ll be surprised at how quickly he becomes enamored by the thought of a second chance! (pg. 21)


Do you feel like your relationship has become stale and boring?

Use my “Game On” and “Supernova” text messages to fill his body with the kind of nervous excitement that he felt when he first saw you… and the best part about these texts? That feeling of excitement will NEVER leave his body too! (pg. 23)


Do you want to have the power to infuse your man’s mind…

…with passionate thoughts about you whenever you want? Use my “Tantalizing Seduction” text messages to incite the kind of ravenous desire that you only see in m ovies like 50 Shades of Grey… within no time, he’ll be staring deeply into your eyes, holding your hips close to his, and fantasizing about what he’s going to do to you…tonight. (pg. 25)


I’ll give you my simple ‘cheat sheet’…

…that will give you the ability to analyse his text messages and interpret a man’s true feelings to figure out what he REALLY means. You’ll never have to guess what he’s trying to say ever again.


Are you worried that your boyfriend won’t ever propose to you?

Use my “Crystal Ball” text messages to send subliminal messages that will cause him to crave marriage, family, and lifelong commitment. Don’t believe me? Then you clearly have never tried to send these powerful texts! (pg. 20)


Not seeing him for awhile?

I’ll teach you how you can harness your text messages to make him feel a burst of excitement and lust … and he’ll be counting down the days until he gets to feel you in his arms again.


You’ll learn when to send what I call “love potion” photos…

…and no, I don’t mean sexting him cute photos of you in your underwear! I’ll give you a number of silly little images that you can send to make him feel even more lust towards you.


Use my “Big Bang” text message to make his body tingle with desire for you…

…to the point where he will be blowing up your phone just to hear the sound of your voice… and he’ll be making up silly excuses to see you as soon as he can! (pg. 31)


You’ll learn a way to talk to a man on the phone…

…that will make the hairs on the back of his head stand… he’ll be so eager to please you and do anything he has to just to put a smile on your face.


And once you use messages like my “Shooting for The Stars” text…

… he’ll be absolutely blind to every other woman in his life… so if you’re worried that he’ll leave you for another woman, or worse, cheat on you, then using text messages like this will create an environment of monogamous love… where every moment that he gets to spend with you will be his happiest, forever and always. (pg. 32)


And so much more!

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface…

I promise you, Text Chemistry is a course like you’ve never seen before. I’ve only JUST released this incredible program but already I’ve been bombarded with jaw-dropping stories from women just like you… just hear what Maria Denison from Seattle has to say about my program…

Maria from Seattle, WA says…

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

Hi Amy, my name is Maria… and I came across some of your YouTube videos a few months ago and immediately became hooked… and since I’ve always had troubles with guys ignoring me through text, I decided to bite the bullet and try out your Text Chemistry course!

Well long story short… I began dating this incredibly cute guy who’s also a doctor (full package, right??)… and things were going ok, but I felt like he was sometimes ignoring my text messages and growing distant…

…and he would always lamely reply with one word answers and stuff… but then, I started using some of your texts and….

Omg… he suddenly wouldn’t stop texting me and calling me… he weirdly wanted to spend so much time with me… and he even took the time out of his busy day just to take me out for lunch! Like, no guy has ever done that for me…especially a guy that busy!!

And ever since I started to use your text messages, I could just sense him becoming more and more interested in me…. And last night, he told me he LOVED me! I can’t believe it…

I’m super happy Amy, thank you so, so much!.



Heard enough?


Well then… now I gotta ask you just one simple question:


Are you READY?

Are you ready to have men STOP ignoring your text messages?

…are you READY to have men line up just to ask you out on a date?

…and are you READY to have that one, special guy treat you like the queen that you are… to worship and love you until the end of your days?

If you’re still here, then I’m going to assume the answer is YES… so listen up, because you are NOT going to wanna miss this next little part

When I first launched Text Chemistry…

…I sold the first 10 spots at $349 a piece…and even at this price, I still have had a massive wait list of women dying to get their hands on this program… but today, I’ve decided to do something insane…


So if you’re reading this article right now, then you’re part of my very special launch promotion and you are NOT going to want to miss this…


Because you AREN’T going to be paying the regular price of $349.

You AREN’T even going to be paying $249.

And you are absolutely NOT going to be paying $149. And even at $149, I’d still be LOSING money on every sale just to keep up with my business expenses.

But since I want you so desperately to try my Text Chemistry program… I’ve convinced my business partner to reduce the price of this program to…


One, single payment of just $49.95.

And yes, for just $49.95, you get access to the ENTIRE course.

However, I am only holding this incredible 85% discount for the next 160 women… so if you come back here tomorrow and the price goes back up to $349, then do not email me asking for the discounted price.

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

You will forever lose your spot to another woman and you will have to pay the regular $349 price tag to get access. No exceptions.


And here’s another thing that will make you jump for joy…


Do you like free stuff?

Because I do… and that’s exactly what I’m about to offer you. Listen up…

Scroll down and hit the “Add to Cart” button to get access to my entire Text Chemistry program. Begin using the material and watch as men begin chasing you, obsessing over you, and worshipping you like the Goddess you are…

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

And…if within 60 days you aren’t satisfied with the results you’re getting… if men AREN’T showing you the love, adoration, and affection that you deserve, then just e-mail me for a 100%, no questions asked refund.

Every single penny will be given back to you within days. And your purchase is protected by ClickBank, the world’s most trusted retailer for online products… so in the even that I can’t process your refund (although I will), they’ll do it for you…so you’re DOUBLE protected!

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

You have absolutely nothing to lose…in fact, the only person that would be losing on this deal is ME.

 Get IMMEDIATE access to the most powerful texting program in the world… 

The entire course will be available for download right after you purchase the program. There’s no waiting around for the mailman to deliver the package to you… just get access NOW, even if it’s 3:30 AM in the morning.

And to sweeten the pot a little to make sure that this is an absolute NO BRAINER for you… I’ve added 3 incredible bonuses that I’m including for FREE when you purchase my Text Chemistry program today…


Phone Game E-Book

The first bonus is my “Phone Game” e-book. Imagine this for a second… a man calls you, and the moment you say “hello”, the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end and he is immediately giving you his full and undivided attention… In fact, your voice will be like an addicting song that he can’t get enough of!

In this e-Book, you will learn the science behind what men can’t resist when it comes to a woman’s voice… and how you can use this secret to make him hang on your every word. Usually, I sell this book separately for $29.95, but today, it’s FREE when you purchase my Text Chemistry program.


Why Men Leave E-Book

Ever wonder why some men leave perfectly good relationships? It’s not what you think and the answer might shock you. In this book, you’ll learn the real reasons why men pull away and how you can prevent it from happening to you.

And once you learn these little psychological secrets, any man will feel an explosion of infatuation every single time he looks at you… and the thought of leaving you will be one of his worst nightmares. Usually, I sell this book separately for $29.95, but today, it’s FREE when you purchase my Text Chemistry program.


Quality Men on Tinder E-Book

Tinder is FULL of highly sought after men that you’re simply not getting exposed to. In this e-book, I’ll teach you how to set up your profile so you attract only the hottest and most successful men in your area.

I’ll even teach you how you can make them crave you by using just 3 simple steps. Usually I sell this book for $29.95, but today it’s FREE when you purchase my Text Chemistry program.

Plus MUCH… MUCH More!

Now, if you WEREN’T taking advantage of this limited-time promotion, you would be paying almost $450 for everything you see here. But today, you can get the best texting program in the world and 3 incredible bonuses when you register today… so click that “Add to Cart” button now.

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The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

So here’s the way I look at it…you’ve got two options.


OPTION 1: You Leave This Page

Option one is that you leave this page. If you do this, you risk having men continuously pull away from you and leave you. And you continue “settling” for guys that are just way below your league. If you’re okay with this… and if you’re okay with having your heart broken time and time again… then it’s cool. You can totally leave.


OPTION 2: Try My Program!

All you have to do is scroll down and click the “Add to Cart” button to immediately begin using these secret messages that women would kill to get their hands on. You’ll be able to use cutting edge psychological techniques that will force men to dream about you in ways that you thought only existed in your fantasies… and you will experience that storybook ending that you thought about since you were a child.


You’ll finally feel wanted and desired by men… and you’ll have them chase you down for love and romance like a raging pitbull! I kid you not.

And again, even if “Text Chemistry” isn’t for you, you can just email me for a 100% refund. Every single penny will be given back to you… no if’s, and’s or but’s.

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession

This online course is just SO easy to use and it will work insanely fast. I’ve had a few students only skim the first few pages of this program and experience the kind of results most women only dream about.

And sure, you still might be skeptical at this point… but if you leave this page right now, then you risk experiencing the kind of regret that could last forever. You might be constantly asking yourself, “What if?” What if you could learn something that would prevent that one special guy from ever leaving you… or even FINDING your soulmate? Even if you learned one thing that would help you, wouldn’t it be worth it?


Isn’t the possibility of eternal love and happiness worth it?

And worse yet… if you don’t buy this program, would you be okay living your life full or more pain, heartbreak, and frustration? Would you be okay with letting the man of your dreams walk out your door, only to leave you for a younger, more beautiful woman?

The strange text that makes a man shake with Obsession
All you have to do to get started ist just click that “Add to Cart” button below. You can start immediately using these powerful text messages RIGHT NOW… texts so powerful that you’ll be able to force a man to feel the kind of mental and emotional addiction that lasts a lifetime… the kind of obsessive desire for you that will fill his body with joy and happiness.

Thousands of my students have used these text messages to find their current husbands, and they thank me everyday for it. Seriously. I get hundreds, sometimes THOUSANDS of emails a day from women telling me how much my advice has helped them.

Now I could go on for pages and pages about the benefits of my system, but the only way you’re going to really understand them is if you sign up today. So please, please PLEASE click the “Add to Cart” button right now and I’ll see you inside. I can’t wait for you to email me your incredible success story. Seriously, I live for those! Click that “Add to Cart” button NOW! See you on the other side!


Amy North




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